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Hand-Painted Warps Drying on the Line

This represents a new beginning for me. In school about a thousand years ago, I learned about dyeing my own yarns and found it to be a fun exercise, and before that I did a small amount of natural dyeing when I was actively spinning wool. Dyeing went on the back shelf as I became busy with producing my line of handwoven cotton accessories. It wasn't until this last year that I became re-awakened. A fellow weaver from school is now in the business of producing amazingly beautiful hand dyed warps for weavers. After trying a few of hers, I was hooked on how exciting the weaving process became for me, waiting for that next color change to roll forward on the loom! I was moved to dip my fingers back into the dyeing process and began finding my own color expression. Thank you Kathrin!

Dyeing in Progress

Much of my inspiration comes directly from nature whether it be a landscape, a bouquet of flowers or a colorful creature. Below is a triptych of my process from a floral arrangement to dyed yarn to woven fabric. This effort produced a series of pieces called "Dahlias".

I hope my shawls and scarves bring as much joy to the wearer as their creation does to me. Check out my store online here for some of these pieces or find me at an upcoming show.


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