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It’s been a while

Hey Folks, it's been a while since I visited this blog post. We've all been through a lot in a couple years getting through a pandemic, an election, climate change, out of control gun violence, civil rights being challenged and taken away by rogue courts, personal challenges and losses. It's exhausting. All I have to say is do your best. Love hard. Rest well. Speak up. Enjoy each day. Be yourself. Forgive.

My dyeing and weaving pursuits have helped keep me centered, after holding tight to family ties and trying to to stay healthy. I will always be a creative soul and "see the beauty in all things", my 95 year old mother's comment on my life. She came to live with us in late January and we had a wonderful family bonding time until she fell and fractured her hip. She's been bedridden for a month in the hospital and recently undergoing therapy in an effort to get back home. She's an example of how to live life, a day at a time trusting in a higher power and the love of family.

Life is short, and amazingly beautiful. Today I listened to the iconic Judy Collins and Stephen Stills perform "Where Has the Time Gone", it completely moved me to a peaceful place and I share it here:

So, here are some pics of my work which continues to keep me engaged and inspired. I hope you might find something you enjoy amongst my creations. I love sharing my work and making connections with people. If you have something you're interested in and don't see it at one of my shows or in my online shop, please reach out,

I aim to please ❤️

Here is my lovely Mom

And my Best Boy Moe ❤️

Cheers, and hug your loved ones 😘

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