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Weathering the Storm

by Deborah Bryant January 29, 2022

Entering the third winter amidst the Pandemic could certainly bring one down. As a Gemini, I am tossed between two opposing personalities, like having them sitting upon each of my shoulders fighting to dominate my mood and my thoughts. Regardless, it must be deeply embedded in my spirit to be a survivor, so I listen to the voice of hope and put one foot in front of the other to step forward into the new day.

Speaking of stepping, I am grateful that I can walk across my driveway to my studio. I probably have the best job in the world as I get to play with color and fiber to create unique wearable items and then travel to display my wares to an eager audience. Certainly some aspects of the job are tough, especially as I age, but sitting from my current vantage point I would not choose another path.

I was so relieved to get fully-vaccinated in March last year to feel safer in venturing out to my planned shows, all outdoor events with safety protocols in place. I was astounded at how successful and busy the year became. Additionally, my daughter's wedding in October compounded the busy-ness and joyfulness! It was perfect in every way as a twice-postponed event finally becoming a reality in celebration. I then got my vaccine booster shot and was able to safely take part in three indoor venue shows for a healthy end to 2021. I'm thankful for all of those experiences.

Looking ahead to this new year, I am continuing to Think Positively by applying for shows and lining up my schedule hoping for another strong season of sales. Stay tuned to my website for the growing list of engagements. Snowy winter weather makes for a good environment to buckle down and produce new work.

There is an endless path of discovery in dyeing and weaving my fabrics. Many favorite color combinations are being re-created and some new ones as well.

Thinking Warm Thoughts with these images of the Giant Marigolds I grew from tiny seeds for my daughter's wedding. Nature is Amazing and I was blessed with the perfect timing of their growth.

Here's to Good Health and Finding Joy Where We Can this New Year. Be Good to Each Other and to Yourself. I Look Forward to Seeing You at One of My Shows.

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