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2016 Retrospective

It has been a brutal year. I think we can all agree on that. Politics has wormed it's way into our lives stealing much of our joy and love, separating family members, friends and spouses with ugly rhetoric and propaganda. The world seems literally to be turning upside down and yet we live and breathe. I have retained all my limbs, and apparently my heart as it has ached abundantly for the tragic loss of so much human life and the disrespect given to the very earth that sustains us... it all seems so immense and unmanageable. We must start with something small by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. I have chosen to let go of hate and build bridges where I can, walking away where I can't. My loom still draws me to it to feel the comfort of creating something new, perhaps a colorful wrap will bring small joy to someone I will meet and I can share my story and listen to theirs. Life is short and love fills the void where hate never can. So friends, be there for someone this new year, put yourself out there for the good of someone else, work for the ideals that are important to you, create something. Don't wait. Give and forgive. Cheers, and Happy New Year...My wish for you is Peace.

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