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Welcome Spring!

Happy Earth Day! I couldn't be happier to welcome Spring! What a beautiful time of year in the mountains, in fact my favorite time of year if I must choose one. All winter, though also beautiful, the mountainsides are neutral shades of browns and grey as the multitude of trees show their skeletal shapes of limbs and colors of bark. Rocky outcroppings rise behind snow and fog, the light is often drear.

But then the light begins to change as the days lengthen and the birds are heard singing more, daffodils push their tips through the leaf mulch...something ever so slight yet powerful is taking place and I notice the annual rhythm of the earth. With the warming sun, I enjoy being outside more.

apple blossoms

In late winter I participated in two fabulous shows, in particular the American Craft Council show in Baltimore in February! I was honored to be among the best in the country at this stellar show of fine craft. It involved a full week of travel, set-up, 2 days of wholesale in which I picked up three new accounts, and 3 days of retail which were quite successful. I couldn't have done this without the support of my family at home, AND my dear cousins in Baltimore who housed me and helped shuttle me around. Thank you! I hope to go back next year.

I then went south in March to the beautiful community of Fairhope, Alabama on the Gulf coast and warmed my bones for a few days. This also was an outstanding show including many fine artists and fine craftsmen from all over the southeast and beyond. Despite tripping and nearly busting my kneecap on the final morning, I had a successful show, and enjoyed eating the local "Royal Reds" shrimp!

Finally home to recuperate and get back to work, I have had several dyeing sessions which produced some luscious new yarns for the spring and summer season. I am enjoying a chance to reconnect with my inspiring surroundings before heading back out on the road. I hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows, or somewhere in between!

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