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Summertime = Production Time

Over the years of being on the road and working the many fine art and craft shows where I sell my work, I have learned it is best for me to take July off of traveling to enjoy my family and my homestead and focus on production for the upcoming busy fall season. The world around me literally shimmers with color inspiration between the deep mixed green foliage of the surrounding mountainside to the rainbow variety of flowers that grow around my property to the colorful birds I attract to the feeders. Life is in full bloom and I realized it was better for me to absorb that beauty and take some time to nest and love on my family than it was to race after a show every weekend. The quality of my work improves, as the time allows me to try new things without the crunch of time, and I can really physically and mentally catch up. The term "stop and smell the roses" is wise indeed. Happy Summer to you all. PS, don't mind the weeds!

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