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Glancing Back While Striding Forward

Ready to Welcome a New Year Full of Hope

Like all of you, I'm ready to leave 2020 behind as the year that "just kept getting worse". Between Covid and the loss of so many of our people, politics and divisiveness, civil unrest and economic devastation, the stress and anxiety compounded dangerously. And yet, we must see that there is some goodness that happened. Vaccines were created in record time to battle Covid, a new President was elected with huge voter turnout in the middle of a pandemic, Black and Brown voices were joined by a multitude of others to shed light on the disparities faced by POC in our society, new ways of doing business were developed by necessity, and we each in our own lives, hopefully, no longer take for granted the simple act of being physically present with our loved ones. Going forward will take a concentrated effort and perseverence, a willingness to work together and to find joy. We can do this!


The Pantone color of the year 2021 is actually two colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

These represent "a marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting" I created a dye project based on these colors with the inspiration being found in my own backyard in the form of an old weathered gray barn with a bright yellow form of lichen flourishing on it's beams. This felt like the right juxtaposition of resilience and hope. That is my wish for all of you in the days ahead. Keep the Faith!


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