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I've always loved a fresh start. there is a renewed sense of energy and willingness to move into the unknown, towards the promise of whatever it is that draws us forward.

Every year and a half or so I go through the process of cleaning the back beam of my loom which contains the colorful remains of previous projects, these bits are called "thrums". This exercise is a slow unwinding of several sections at a time forming ever larger yarn balls, works of art in themselves. I can see the colors of each changing season roll off in front of me as I intentionally wind a bit at a time onto the growing ball.

I remember how these threads became beautiful wearable objects that made the journey from inspiration of the natural world around me, to concept in the preparing of the yarns and in the dye kitchen, to process in weaving and sewing, to completion in taking the finished pieces to art shows and finding just the right new owner.

At the end of this process I have a full basket of colorful thick orbs of promise. What will they become? I have no idea right now, but I love the feeling of possibility!

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